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We sell both new and used products (both digital and analog) in our store as well as a number of other instruments, sheet music, art, and metronomes.

Baby Grand Mason & Ri Condition: UsedAge: 60 Years$0.00 CDN SOLD
Just In a Mason & Risch baby grand by: Loud Company USA. We just starting on the tuning, cleaning her, for she will be serviced as well.. 4 foot 11 inch Willis baby Grand and bench.

Full 30 day service warranty, and life time parts & Labour warranty...

Piano is is good shape with a nice tone, and service regularly by us through the years. Simulated Ivory keyboard, which has a nice light weighted touch to the keys. Brown walnut in color, no case damage..would look good in a living room.

Great for a beginner or a student in the later grades. Must see and play. Tuning hold well, and has been repined some year back..

mike M

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