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IVORY PIECES Condition: UsedAge: 75 Years$5.00 USD

Pieces of ivory.( see as pictured )-- shorts are 3/4"x Wide 1 5/8" long x 1/16" Thick. (We also have long pieces at 4"x 1/2"x 1/16" ( 10 pieces unchipped $49.95 )

$3.00 for the longs as pictured.., $5.00 for 4" Wide tails 3/4"

Some pieces have slightly different shades..Yellows, off whites, whites so on. Some have deep grain to them..others a slight grain, but we will find ivory that will suit your needes, and match as close as possible. Sometimes it's hard to match up a piano ivory to suit another piano.( best to have a sample) long pieces never have chips on them, but shorts normally do have nick-chips.

Single chipped pieces of ivory for $1.50 each good for(craft work. Great for special crafts inlays...like knife & sword making, pool cues inlays, clock making, framing, game pieces, doll making etc. You can sand it-- shape it -- moto tool it -- and carve it to any shape. These are not suitable for piano keys based on the fact that they have small chips on the tips. but the $5.00 ones are. These are sold cheaper in price...based on the broken tips. ( $1.50. We can send you unchipped ivory pieces at $3.00 $4.00 & $5.00 each.

These are about 85 year old and will come with complete instruction for cleaning...... I have sold hundreds of these to many craftsmen and hobbyists over the last couple of years and all have been very happy. I will include some extra small broken pieces on each batch. Please see my feedbacks...I perfer payment or Visa/Mastercard or Paypal.. we can send a Money request for you order..email us with your order to: thepianodoctor@aol.com

Mike M


Liked the way they where shipped. Great stuff. A+ all the way Buyer: mstree1954 (11) Apr-11-15 18:40 8180539551

EXCELLENT!! Fast responses/shipment. A++++
Buyer mizc.60 ( 884) Jan-20-07 12:29 8159740804

A+A+A+ GREAT TO BUY FROM, AND FAST SHIPPING, WONDERFUL ITEMS. Buyer: joseph5615(69) 17-Oct-15 10:36 8222557953
great pieces of ivory, super inlay material !!!! Buyer: bullseyenam(17) 14-Oct-05 17:51 8223061361
THANKS, A PLEASURE TO TRADE WITH...A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Buyer: skindeepinbeat(347) 14-Oct-14 17:11 8220192463
Great Seller. AAA. Recommended
Buyer gold240_1 ( 72) Jan-18-16 11:32 8155703674

Hi Mike, I am imressesed with your website and will
bookmark it for future references and spread the word.
I would just like to thank you for taking the time out
to assist me with your responses and refferal,
especially to another dealer. There are not many
individuals who are as courties as you and for this I
am very thankful for your efforts. I wish you the very
best in regard towards your auction and the best of
evertthing to you. God speed, Robert

Listings for the following types of ivory are permitted on eBay:
- African elephant ivory (as long as it was imported into the U.S. legally) - Wooly mammoth ivory
- Hippo ivory (It is legal to sell hippo ivory within the United States, but it cannot be imported into the U.S.)

All of my ivory pieces have been imported into Canada & and US legally, from old pianos and piano parts. We are Makkreel Piano Company Ltd....speicalizing in restoring of old pianos..- This African elephant ivory (is imported into the U.S. legally over 90 years ago.

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