Our Certified Piano Technicians guarantee our tunings based on your pianos condition. Our technicians not only tune by strobe, but by ear and playing your piano afterwards in order to ensure the most-accurate tuning possible.

Our Services & Tunings

Mike Makkreel with the late Ricci Martin

Mr. Martin, the Son of Dean Martin, past away due to a fall on the ice in 2016 with heart complications. Makkreel Piano will miss him dearly, having the honor to service his band's piano, in the Ricci Martin Canada/ Niagara Falls shows. It was always an honor... Mike Makkreel

We service two pianos at the Frewin theatre, including the 7 foot black New York Webber grand.

Our professional piano tuners have tuned for many professional musicians including:
> Greg Frewin > Ricci Martin
> The Amazing Kreskin > Sharon Owens
> The Four Tenors > The International Tenors
> Jimi Seville > Joe Scalissi