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Roland Digital Grand Condition: UsedAge: 100 Years$4,000.00 CDN SOLD

This is a project I am working on for years.. and it's done now for Xmas. What I have here is a 88 key Roland Digital Piano built into an old Decker Brothers Empire Style Victorian 1887 Parlor Grand Piano Shell. Piano looks like the one in the photo.

If you want a nice 5 foot 6 Grand Piano the looks like a real acoustic Piano, but a digital Piano. This is a one of a kind instrument. four custom speakers added to the soundboard, giving the piano a great sound. The heavy plate and strings have all been removed, so it's lighter in weight. Custom foot peddle trigger on the original lyre, with the old cast peddles removed as well. Custom Roland in gold foil will be place back onto the fall board
(Plus extra parts included for future if needed.. so no worry about getting parts,, all included with price..

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