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We sell both new and used products (both digital and analog) in our store as well as a number of other instruments, sheet music, art, and metronomes.

Heintzman Style-O Studio Condition: UsedAge: 60 Years$1,700.00 CDN SOLD
Just In a Heintzman upright grand by: We just starting on the tuning, cleaning her, for she will be serviced as well.. Queen Ann style in light maple wood and bench.

Full 30 day service warranty, and life time parts & Labor warranty...

Piano is is good shape with a nice tone, and service regularly by us through the years. Simulated Ivory keyboard, which has a nice light weighted touch to the keys. Brown walnut in color, no case damage..would look good in a living room.

Great for a any playing level. Must see and play. Tuning holds well, for this is really like mint shape.

mike M

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