Chipped Ivory Pieces


Ivory Pieces, used and aged 75 Years. Tell us the size that you would like and we can make it happen.



Ivory Pieces

Condition: Used

Age: 75 Years

Tell us the size that you would like and we can make it happen.

$1.00 for the long tail pieces as pictured and $4.00 for unchipped Shorts–3/4″x Wide 1 5/8″ long x 1/16″ Thick. (We also have long pieces at 4″x 3/4″x 1/16″ $4.00 (super rear)

Some pieces have slightly different shades: Yellows, off whites, whites so on. Some have a deep grain to them..others a slight grain, but we will find ivory that will suit your needs and match as close as possible. Sometimes it’s hard to match up piano ivory to suit another piano, but we stock many long pieces that never have chips on them, shorts, however, normally do have nick-chips.

All sales in USD via Paypal
I will include some extra small broken pieces on each batch ( for inlay customers)

These are good for Pianos, craftwork inlays, knife & sword making, pool cues, clock making, framing, game pieces, doll making etc. You can sand it and file it into shape. use a Dremel tool for a nice clean carve.

These are about 85 years old and will come with complete instructions for cleaning…… I have sold hundreds of these to many craftsmen and Piano owners over the years and all have been very happy.

Shipping is $8.50 USD to $12.50 USD based on order size.
Tracked orders are $18.50 USD
Paypal in USD ONLY.. we can send a Money request for your us with your order to: