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Select a piano tuner-technician with care. It cannot be over stressed that tuning is a highly technical operation and an art that on no account should be carried out by anyone less than a qualified tuner-technician.

Piano Tuners tune by ear, or in the new way, by ear-sight combined and are capable of small repairs and adjustments on your piano. Piano technicians are capable of complete rebuilding and restorations and some specialize in grand restorations. Always make sure your tuner-technician plays the piano as it is imperative to check the condition of the piano and their work by playing. Example: Would you hire a mechanic who didn’t know how to drive a car? Accordingly, it should be appreciated that an adequately high standard of skill cannot be expected at an unduly cost.

Use the same care in the selection of your piano tuner-technician as you would in selecting any other professional service. Securing the service of a well known craftsman who is well established should be considered. Contact us today to book an estimate.

Our Certified Piano Technicians guarantee our tunings based on your pianos condition. Our technicians tune by strobe and by ear, playing your piano afterwards in order to ensure the most-accurate tone and tune possible.

It is necessary to custom tune every piano, for every piano is different and always cannot be tuned the same. There are six different ways to tune:

  • Chipping tuning: to raise an even out a piano to A-440 (concert pitch)
  • Standard tuning: to make it sound its best for as long as possible. Also known as Modern Well tuning.
  • Hard tuning: Is done to hold a solid tuning on temperamental pianos or concert pianos. ( Keys are struck harder during this type of tuning. This tuning takes more time.
  • Stretch Tuning: is done mostly for Jazz and professional Piano players. More movement and stretch are accounted for in order to settle or set the tunings quality of tone. (Similar to Hard Tuning).
  • Lower Pitch, Antique Piano Tuning: Done to an older piano that cannot be tuned to concert pitch because the strings cannot take the pressure or the piano’s pin block is too dried out and the tuning pins are not able to hold the string pitch long enough, so it would be tuned below A-440, in order to do the job.
  • Historic Tuning: was done in the days of Mozart, Beethoven. Chopin the thirds in the tuning are more in balance and divided through out the tuning . This type of tuning is not done too often anymore. In today’s tuning the thirds are more uneven, and it is considered the standard way. Click here for more information

The Piano Doctor has a variety of acoustic pianos available for rent, in all with full-sized keyboards with bench. We also rent out standard studio apartment size pianos and grand piano (when available). Please call for rates.

Let us help you sell your instrument or piano. Send us the photo, description and price and we’ll post it on our store. 1 month ad/$25 or $45/2 months.

We store pianos in a warm, regulated environment for weeks or months at a time. Pianos can be tuned or serviced as necessary.
Starting for 2021, one month free for long storage customers.

We know the right movers needed for the job. Piano Moving is and art and should be done by a Professional Piano Mover. It takes a great amount of skill to move a piano, which cannot always be done at a low cost. Contact the movers below and tell them Makkreel Piano’s sent you!

Stacey’s Grand Piano Moving (905) 685-6591

Bush Grand Piano Moving  (905) 984-8889

Mighty Movers (905) 228-0730

If required, you can rent a piano dolly from us for $35/weekend.

We also offer piano removal disposal services. Pianos are taken apart to be recycled to reduce landfill waste. Contact us for an estimate.

Well sell all kinds of music instruments from Guitars to Drums, and much more. We do not stock these items, but they can be ordered and shipped in a few days. Let us know what your looking for…and will find you the lowest price.

Makkreel Piano offers a variety of professional piano players for any type of occasion. Our players specialize in Ragtime, Sing-Along, and Classical. These accomplished pianists are a perfect addition to weddings, home parties, or restaurant entertainment. Contact the musicians below and tell them Makkreel Piano’s sent you!

Niagara Area Players
Godfrey George 905-357-1731

Piano Pat, Johnston  289-821-0301

Contact the schools below and tell them Makkreel Piano’s sent you!

Corrie Rose Kindermusic 
(289) 214-7720

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