Ideal Position/Conditions

  • Keep out of direct sunlight. (This fades the polish and causes heat extremes)
  • Keep away from direct sources of heat such as: Radiators, Open fires, and Heat Vents
  • Keep away from strong draughts and sources of extreme dampness.

Ideal conditions for a piano:

  • An ambient temperature of not more than 20 degrees C (68 Fahrenheit)
  • Humidity should be between 45% to 55%
  • Humidity Below 40% may cause your piano to dry out – glue joints break on keys and loosen action parts!
  • Humidity above 70% can cause action parts to seize up – you will get sticking notes and sluggish action. It can cause metal parts to rust and mildew may form on some parts of the piano: Destorying felts effecting the soundboard.
  • Our professional technicians recommend a humidifier system installed into your piano. See Piano Saver Systems and register your product for the warranty.
  • We have installed and maintain a number of systems for a variety of our clients including 5 full piano humidifier systems for the music department at Brock University.