The Magic of an Acoustic Piano


Everything is constantly changing and developing. Smart phones are constantly being updated, new technology is continually being released and electronics have literally become the staple in today’s society.

My name is Abby McNeill and I am a grade nine piano student. I am sixteen years old and music is my passion. I hope to continue on to university for music when I graduate in 2019 (I am in eleventh grade in school now). From the time I started taking music lessons, I fell in love with this instrument. If you are reading this, you may be thinking of purchasing a piano. In my opinion, it is a wonderful thing to invest in. Whether you are looking to take lessons and be able to practice or play for a fun hobby, it is capable of so much. It can be a difficult and overwhelming decision to choose between the classic acoustic piano and the popular digital or electronic option. Personally, I would recommend an acoustic piano for various reasons. An acoustic piano is worth the money because it is a high quality, long-lasting instrument.

An acoustic piano, can often end up saving you money costing you pennies a day. They are built to be used for extended periods of time, and their value can actually increase. I speak from personal experience, my acoustic piano was considered new in around 1940 and is still functioning well today in 2017. Many people have actually offered to buy my antique piano at a much higher value than its original purchase price. The Piano Doctor can repair and replace parts expertly and parts are always available for a low price. An electronic or digital piano can be compared to your cell phone. They work for a while and then need to be replaced. Their value often decreases over time. It can also be very difficult to repair an electronic or digital piano. If any parts need to be replaced, it can become a problem. The parts will probably need to be ordered and may take weeks or even months to ship. This is if they even are selling the parts. If your electronic or digital piano is not brand new, they may have discontinued selling the parts you need. This is unfortunately all too common and may mean that your instrument is no longer functional.

Another concern for many people in regards to an acoustic piano is its size and if it will fit into their home or apartment. If this is a concern for you, I would advise you to look into an Apartment size acoustic piano. These tend to take up less space then the big uprights and are not that old.. Still they share all the same benefits being that they are a part of the acoustic piano family. Furthermore, an acoustic piano usually has wheels making it easier to move.

These things are all important but what I look for in a piano is the “feel.” Music is my way to express myself. An acoustic piano allows you to put emotion and passion into your music. I am able to evoke different feelings when I’m playing. It does not matter what is going on, my piano is always there for me. It is my creative outlet. You can play with a large range of dynamics and individuality. Every acoustic piano is different and special. This is something that is limited on an electronic or digital piano. For me, nothing compares to the warm tone, rich sounding, resonating beauty of an acoustic piano. It doesn’t matter whether I’m playing a Mozart Sonata or a pop song. It never fails to bring me that pure sound. My acoustic piano brings warmth to my heart. Although an acoustic piano needs to be tuned and maintained properly, if you show it the love it deserves it will give you the gift of its long-lasting beautiful and classic sounds.

In today’s society, we are always searching for the latest technology, in the hopes that it will be “newer” or “better.” Please here me when I say that newer doesn’t always equal better. This is not to say that technology (including electronic and digital pianos) do not have their place. I believe they do. However, I recommend that everyone seriously considers owning an acoustic piano. If you learn to play on an acoustic piano, you can play on a wide variety of keyboard instruments. It truly is worth it to invest in this gorgeous instrument. An acoustic piano is truly magical.

“The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million Colors in your mind.” – Maria Cristina Mean

Abby McNeill